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Rare Japanese Teas From Women-Owned Kiroku Tea Garden

Rare Japanese Teas From Women-Owned Kiroku Tea Garden

Kiroku Tea Garden, Kyoto, Japan

“Anything I want to try, I can. I process each of my fields individually, creating single-origin teas, doing what’s best for the leaves in each field. This is very rare.”

—Megumi Hori, Fifth-generation owner of Kiroku Tea Garden


See the full Japan Times article about the women-owned Kiroku Tea Garden run by Megumi Hori. Hori is passionate about experimenting with rare tea cultivars as a way to revive the dwindling tea industry in Japan. According to Japan's Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, tea farms across the country have declined from 53,687 in 2000 to only 19,603 in 2015. 

Our Oyako Matcha is one of Kiroku Tea Garden’s rare matcha cultivars. This rich, silky matcha is a luxurious experience, and a lovely way to support this independently owned Japanese tea farm.

oyako ceremonial matcha from kiroku tea garden

Oyako Premium Ceremonial Matcha from women-owned Kiroku Tea Garden  

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