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Several 20g bags of tea

Southern Record Tea Collection

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The Southern Record Collection features our entire selection of teas—5 unique styles of Japanese green tea—in one lovely package. 

Great as a gift for tea lovers and those curious to taste a full range of Japanese green teas. Expand your palate, taste across tea types, and find your new favorite green tea. 

We're proud to show off the year's sourcing efforts in one solid collection. Each tea in the collection is unique and delicious. And together, the full collection demonstrates the breadth and depth of skilled Japanese tea craftsmanship.


Origin: Kyoto, Shizuoka, and Sayama

Weight: 20g Gyokuro, 20g Kabusecha, 20g Sencha, 20g Hojicha, 20g Genmaicha

Brewing Recommendations: 6-7g (1 tbsp)  |  180mL water  |  167°F (75ºC)  |  60 seconds

Steep 2-3 times


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