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Uji Kabusecha - Southern Record Tea
Uji Kabusecha - Southern Record Tea
Uji Kabusecha - Southern Record Tea
Product image 1Uji Kabusecha - Southern Record Tea
Product image 2Uji Kabusecha - Southern Record Tea
Product image 3Uji Kabusecha - Southern Record Tea

Uji Kabusecha

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Uji kabusecha is shade covered for two weeks, which gives it a thicker texture and balanced savoriness. This shading forces the plant to produce more l-theanine (the rich umami flavor) and reduces the catechins (an antioxidant that produces the astringent taste).

Our Kabusecha comes from the Uji region of Kyoto and is grown without use of pesticides or fertilizer. Tea farmer Shinichi Kihara follows Shumei natural agriculture methods. 


Tasting Notes   Sea Air | Lemon Biscuit | Delicate Umami 

Origin   Uji, Kyoto

Cultivar   Gokou

Producer   Shinichi Kihara


Kabusecha Brewing Instructions

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Savory and smooth taste

Love making a pot of the Kabusecha Gokou and sitting back and thinking deep thoughts. Relaxing and delicious. I found a little bit goes a long way.

United States United States

Smooth taste

Unlike other commercial brand green teas, this tea was smooth, didn’t upset my stomach, and had a quick brew time. The tea tastes great-different than boxed teas-not acidic. We don’t really like tea, but this tea is amazing!

Diane M.

A Darn Good Tea

I wasn’t a complete green tea convert until I tried the Kabusecha Gokou. It is exactly what I was looking for in a tea- flavorful yet mild, and I can taste the umami. It definitely feels like a taste of the sea to me, which is a big plus in my mind. I also appreciate the water temp and steeping info that Southern Record provides on its packaging. So helpful!!

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