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Wazuka Kabusecha - Southern Record Tea

Wazuka Kabusecha

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Wazuka Kabusecha is a 100% single-origin green tea from Kirokuen Tea Garden. It’s shade-covered for two weeks to minimize the bitter notes and highlight the sweeter umami characteristics.

Kirokuen Tea Garden is a women-owned family tea farm located in the mountains of Wazuka, Japan. They specialize in unique blends of traditional Japanese green tea varieties and rarely-before-seen cultivars.


Tasting Notes   Lemon verbena | Sea Salt | Light Floral

Region   Wazuka, Kyoto

Cultivar   Gokou

Producer  Kirokuen Tea Garden


About the Producer

As the fifth-generation owner of Kirokuen Tea Garden, Megumi Hori runs the farm alongside her mother and sister. The Hori family processes each of their fields individually, creating unique, single-origin teas. They are passionate about experimenting with rare tea cultivars as a way to revive the dwindling tea industry in Japan. 

Kabusecha Brewing Instructions


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